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Why we are killing off the world’s favourite meme?

  • The point that we are making here is that - at Chief Toad, we still believe that NFTs should bring utility.
  • That’s why we are “killing” pepe - killing “anti-utility”
  • We know that there is a recent tide of meme NFTs with no utility nor roadmap. We understand and fully embrace this fun side of NFTs.
  • However, we have analysed why meme NFTs are popping off while NFTs that “deserves to m00n” are tanking
  • Everyone is tired of NFT projects promising things - that don’t happen or take too long to deliver.
  • A lot of utility is tied to “merch” and well..that isn’t utility lol - worse, the only utility is the floor price utilities of chief toad
  • No more years of waiting for things to happen. The utility is now and right in our hands. Join our Discord to find out more!
  • Chief Toad is CC0-licensed.